Solar bottles: light for the poor

by twicecreations

A bottle filled with water and bleach. That’s what takes to bring light into windowless houses for up to five years. The bottles are installed through holes in the roof of poor huts and shelters, which are typically windowless and therefore incredibly dark, even during the day. The light enters through the hole, but it propagates by means of refraction in the water and bleach solution. The project has been developed by students at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and now curated by Illac Diaz, creator of MyShelter Foundation. The solution is clever, sustainable and remarkably inexpensive. Nonetheless it has the potential of improving the “standard of living” of low income communities, according to Illac Diaz. There are several ways to contribute to this project: you can bring light to your community, sponsor a bottle or donate money through Paypal.

Go here for more information.

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