Diamonds last forever, and so does plastic.

by twicecreations

I am a minimalist jewelry designer. I transform waste material in ethereal, elegant, sustainable pieces of wearable art, perfect for any occasion. Twice offers hand-sculpted, unique pieces of jewelry. With any of the Twice creations, you will own an eco-friendly, green, sustainable accessory that will conciliate your fashion needs and your eco-chic lifestyle.

Twice makes you pretty, guilt-free.


Twice cares about the environment. I reuse materials that would be wasted otherwise, or that are produced without drawing additional resources from the environment.

HDPE, high-density polyethylene

Plastic is extremely durable and degrades very slowly. Recycling plastic is not easy, due to the difficulties in sorting various plastic materials. Did you know that unrecycled plastic is often disposed in landfills or it accumulates in the ocean? I use a particular type of plastic—HDPE—which will make a durable, non toxic piece of jewelry. HDPE is is also used in food storage because it has very low risk of leaching BPA, a toxic component present in plastic.

Recycled Sterling Silver

I buy my silver from a trusted supplier who offers 100% recycled silver wire. Recycled silver leaves a lower carbon footprint, if compared to silver that is freshly pulled out of the ground.

With the purchase of any of the Twice pieces of jewelry, you will receive a beautifully packaged gift that will last forever.

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