Taking photos of jewelry at sunset

by twicecreations

It it well known that the best light for taking pictures is at sunset. yesterday, I took a million pictures (well, more than 100 but definitely less than 200), but I wasn’t really satisfied about any of them. Ans the sunset came. So I took my camera once again, ran outside with a bunch of earrings to take advantage of those 3 minutes of light before the end of the day.

I clearly wasn’t planning it, so I had to face the problem of how to keep the earrings up and what background to use… not easy. But I found a wood stick and that worked, especially because I could not find a better background than the dusty bench in my front porch. Well, here’s the result. You can judge yourself. I am not sure if I am going to use any of those, but it was surely a fun photo session.

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