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Month: April, 2012

One more reason to choose Upcycled plastic

According to Oceanographer Giora Proskurowski the amount of plastic waste in the Ocean can be “vastly” underestimated. The estimated amount of plastic disposed in landfills or accumulating in the ocean is already more than remarkable. However, there is another source of aquatic plastic pollution coming from “invisible” plastic debris, which is threatening oceanic wildlife.

You can choose to stop contributing to this disaster by wearing upcycled, and help to spread the word.

DIY – Jewelry Roll

With 2 craft shows coming up within the next 2 weeks, I have been frantically accumulating earrings in my studio (ok, my bedroom). Probably because of the spring coming up, I suddenly had the urge to organize the pieces I will be taking with me to the show. Needless to say, I have a ton of scrap fabric to upcycle, which made the whole thing possible.

First, let me tell you, I am not a sewer, never been and never will. It just gets on my nerves. Don’t give me wrong, I know that it is partially because of my underdeveloped tailoring skills, but on the other hand I also have more than a handful of skills that require some patience. I just happen to have a particularly bad aptitude about sewing. But I overcame the initial fear, because I was super excited about organizing jewelry as well as reusing some of that old fabric that has been accumulating for quite a while.

The result is far from being professionally looking, but it was worth the effort and—as for now—I am not excluding the possibility of replicating the experience.

First I looked online and found a bunch of amazing patterns to follow. But I am lazy (yes, don;t judge me), so I could not possibly thing of downloading and printing patterns and even using a measuring tape was out of discussion. So I closed my laptop and started cutting right away. I had an old pair of jeans, which served as the outer layer (but any stiff fabric will work). Then I decided to have an inner layer and the internal linen. Thinking back, I could have probably avoid the inner layer, which makes the roll a little bulky.

First I made the actual earring holder, by folding a stipe of the same fabric. Then I attached it to the inner and linen layers (excluding the jeans, external layer).

Here you can decide on whether you want it divided, to be able to hang several things and prevent them from moving around too much or not. But that is really up to you. As for me, my laziness lead my dividers to become larger and larger, but that was clearly neither intentional, nor planned (yes, I wish I were that smart). This was the most annoying part of the project and it seemed to take forever. Probably also because my thread kept getting out of the needle, and it take me at least 20 seconds to put it back. It literally happened twice every three seams, so I probably spent about 30 minutes on this. But again, timing is off because of my poor sewing skills. I am sure a slightly more experienced sewer would do an excellent job in half the time it took me to do this one single step.

At that point, I was finally ready to assemble the roll. I did it working with the fabric on the wrong side.


The earrings fall of at times, so I’lll probably make a better one, but this is good enough for now. Feel free to share your project if you want.







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May Events and Craft Fairs

Dear earth lovers, jewelers and friends,

I am very excited to announce that I will be taking part of two amazing Craft Fairs in Connecticut. There will be artisans from over the North East and the focus will be on beautiful art, crafts and sustainability. Make sure to stop by if you live nearby, I truly look forward to meeting you!

Twice will be @ the East Coast #CraftFair | New Haven, CT | May 5th and 6th, 2012 10am-4pm | make sure to stop by!

Twice will be @ the Crafter’s Haven #CraftFair | New Haven, CT | May 12th, 2012 10am-4pm | make sure to stop by




coming soon

Earth Day 24-hours Sale – April 22 – 20% OFF EVERYTHING

Support  environmentally-conscious businesses on Earth Day 2012 and save 20% on Twice collection. FOLLOW ME on Twitter to receive the 20%OFF CUPON CODE.

In addition, for the entire month of April Twice will be donating 5% of each sale to

On its 42nd anniversary, Earth Day celebrations are far from being dead. Earth Day has brought the attention of  bloggers, businesses and media to one of the hottest contemporary issues: the future of planet earth threatened by global warming.

You can support an environmentally-conscious businesses directly and indirectly support Earth Day as well, by buying a sustainable, upcycled accessory. Because remember: diamonds last forever, and so does plastic.

Happy Earth Day, my friends!


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Happy Earth Day - Make Art Not Trash

Craft show at QU (Hamden, CT)

I just came back from the beautiful QU campus, where the Earth Day 2012 celebrations took place. It was a beautiful day and a nice breeze brought a multitude of smells from the Sleeping Giant to the farmer market. The atmosphere was gorgeous and people gave Twice such positive feedback and warmth.

Here’s a few closeups of the booth. Everything green and upcycled, of course.

The lighting for pictures was not great, but I managed to have some good ones. Here’s the entire booth.


Looking forward to going to the next craft show, I’ll keep you posted. In the meanwhile, happy Earth Day!




Free earrings to my 100th Twitter follower


My #green tea must have been drugged this morning because I just decided to give a pair of #free earrings to my 100th follower. Seven to go!

In other words: my 100th follower will receive a pair of earrings for free. Yes, I just said that. Seven to go! #free #sale

RT to receive 15% OFF COUPON: My 100th follower will receive a pair of earrings for free. Yes, I just said that. Seven to go! #free #sale

Don’t miss Twice!

If you live in Connecticut, don’t miss Twice! On April 19 Twice will be participating in the Quinnipiac University Earth Day market event. If you live nearby, stop by between 10AM and 1PM for some shopping and don’t miss the opportunity of walking around the beautiful Sleeping Giant park (Hamden, CT).

– Stefania