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Square Gift Cards Hype and Why I Am So Excited

ImageBig deal on technology blogs and business news: Square has gotten into the gift card business. Some crafters are super excited and according to reporters, it could be a big deal for small businesses by boosting their sales by a lot. Some folks though are lukewarm about it, for two main reasons. First, the whole thing is a bit counterintuitive: the sender has to download wallet (Square’s mobile application for making payments without sliding your card) and then find the business (which has to have a square account and shop enabled), to be able to use the gift card option. Second and most important, the sender has to have wallet, the new Square application; and Square is not very popular yet, as a matter of fact. Yet, something tells me that this may be potentially a big deal for me. I’ve been wanting to offer gift cards through my shop for such a long time, but all the option I’ve explored so far are way out of my reach (aka, too expensive!)

Here’s how I see it:

1) The wallet option per se does not provide gift cards. Gift cards are part of every shop on the wallet shops directory. However, you can enable your shop visibility on the directory. This is done through your account @, by changing your business profile options. If your shop has a physical location, it come up very easily, also because of the relatively low competition at the moment.

That said, I have a “mobile” business and my shop does not come up easily in the business search on wallet if I type generic words such as “jewelry” and there’s not much room for customization on the Square profile. Besides, the person HAS to have Wallet, to be able to buy gift cards, and I don’t see a large number of people having it anytime soon. The next option is my real source of excitement.

2) The person ordering the gift card needs to have wallet. True, but who said that it cannot be YOU at a craft show, ordering the gift card from your phone and sending it to the receiver’s email on the buyer’s behalf?

I think this is the real deal.

Any thoughts?

If you are an Etsy seller and want to participate in the discussion, I have an open thread here.

Stefania – Twice

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May Events Update


Twice will be at the 20th ANNUAL JURIED ARTS & CRAFTS SHOW sponsored by the Branford Womans’ Club. Details regarding the event are attached below. Stop by, if you live nearby!






DATE:     Saturday May 19th, 2012

TIME:      10a.m.- 4p.m.

PLACE:   Branford Town Green, Branford, CT.

May Events and Craft Fairs

Dear earth lovers, jewelers and friends,

I am very excited to announce that I will be taking part of two amazing Craft Fairs in Connecticut. There will be artisans from over the North East and the focus will be on beautiful art, crafts and sustainability. Make sure to stop by if you live nearby, I truly look forward to meeting you!

Twice will be @ the East Coast #CraftFair | New Haven, CT | May 5th and 6th, 2012 10am-4pm | make sure to stop by!

Twice will be @ the Crafter’s Haven #CraftFair | New Haven, CT | May 12th, 2012 10am-4pm | make sure to stop by




coming soon

DIY – Business cards: How to make upcycled business cards for your small business

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that I was the luck winner of a business cards giveaway, sponsored by UPrinting. I am very excited about this win, because the cards are made out 50% recycled materials and Uprinting uses green ink to print them.

However, it probably will be a while until I receive the cards, thus I need something to hold on in the meanwhile. I decided to apply my upcycling skills to solve the issue. It occurred me that I have been saving cereal boxes for a while now, because I want to make my jewelry boxes out of cereal packaging. Cereal boxes are perfect for business cards, because they have just the right texture. Furthermore, those boxes are recycled, which makes it even better. Of course, you can only use the inner part of the box, unless you find a way to cover the cereal images.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Scissors or any paper cutter device

– Cereal, pasta or oatmeal boxes

– Printer, rubber stamp or simply a pen (if you have a nice handwriting)

Just cut the business cards the size you need. You can also make price tags and other paper marketing tools with the same method. I personally chose a mini business card size (1.5 inches high x 3 inches wide). It is the perfect size for small items such as earrings. I then printed my logo and addresses on paper—documents or junk mail printed on one side will work— and cut the logo so that some of the cardboard is visible, then paste it with some glue. If you have a stamp you can use that, which will give your business cards a surprisingly professional look. If you are a good hand writer, you can write what you’ll need by yourself and that’s it. With minimal effort and virtually no cost you’ll have eco-friendly, stylish and unique business cards for yourself of your small business.

Copyright © All Rights Reserved

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– Stefania




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